July 2019

Why do you love self-contained?

The clue is in the name…because it’s yours, all yours, for you to do whatever you like with and look after yourself.

Most businesses benefit from privacy and tranquillity for time and space to think. This concept may come as a surprise to some, considering the many recent ‘collaborative’ concepts and co-working fads that now surround the office market.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise to us at Monmouth Dean, we know this by simply asking tenants what they really want. In the last couple of months we have let 2 beautifully refurbished self-contained buildings, one at 12 Floral Street, Covent Garden and the second at 23 Meard Street, Soho.

Shrewd occupiers want control of their office space and we believe that this is the real definition of flexibility. Tenants in serviced offices are often told what they can and can’t have, what’s included and not included, and are shuffled around to accommodate for other companies who are willing to pay more than them. How on earth can this be described as flexible? This lack of choice and say is quite the opposite. 

On the contrary, occupiers who have self-contained buildings are able to choose for themselves.

“How shall I utilise my ground floor frontage?” “Which floor shall I put my meeting rooms on?” “What colour scheme should we go for this year?” “I can put plenty of signage and branding up wherever I want!” “The staff can now have a bigger floor and a break out area.” 

In addition, self-contained tenants benefit from the peace of mind they get from being in control of their direct costs such as service charge and insurance premiums.

If you like the sound of the above, then Tudor House 35 Gresse Street, Noho, may well be of interest.  This is the latest self-contained building we are about to bring to the market. Standing at just under 5,000 sq ft, the building is about to undergo refurbishment and has a large roof terrace for tenants to enjoy. For more info please visit or contact Rebecca and Rhys on 020 7025 1390.