May 2020


As we gradually and safely return to our top floor office at Golden Square, Monmouth Dean is conducting business as usual, just under very unusual circumstances.

During lock-down we continued to market our 67 instructions. We successfully concluded seven lettings over the last few months. For full details please get in contact as we will be happy to share.

- We achieved this by undertaking an extensive social media campaign and ensuring we   had virtual tours for most of our buildings.

- Our website was already designed to include such features and is still organically found on page #1 of many Google searches for offices.

- A full risk assessment has been undertaken, our office has been re-organised so we can now attend work in a staggered, safe manner.

- We are now undertaking “actual” viewings which commenced last week and this week we have undertaken 5.

- To do this, a new protocol has been drafted and is strictly followed to ensure such encounters are safe with full PPE and in line with social distancing. We also have a disclaimer form to protect us and our clients. Please ask us for a copy if of interest.

- We have more than appropriate sanitising equipment and products to help us all, including visitors, keep safe in our work place.

- Over the last month we have brought to the market 5 new instructions we anticipate more....

Our ability to stay ahead of the pack should assist you in identifying a tenant for your office. So please do let us know if you require our expertise.

Please stay safe everyone.