Case Studies

February 2010

Finish TV

Finish TV are a rapidly growing and respected post production company. They run a state of the art digital post-production studio and create high quality effects for television commercials. They previously occupied premises on Poland Street and after initially attempting their own search, they realised they needed the assistance of an experienced acquisition specialist. They instructed Monmouth Dean's Paul Dart to find them a building that would not only provide them with an established Soho visual profile and creative thinking space, but also support their extensive IT infrastructure.

After short-listing a number of options the perfect opportunity came to light.  Advertising productions company, Radical Media, had decided to vacate their stunning building at 140 Wardour St, Soho, W1.  Despite the building being too large for their requirement, they decided it was an opportunity not to be missed. They took the whole building and asked Monmouth Dean to find them sub tenants to sub let the surplus space. Their faith has been rewarded as we currently have the three surplus floors firmly under offer.

As part of the deal the building’s owner, Threedneedle, are undertaking a comprehensive refurbishment of the interior and exterior. Finish TV will be taking occupation in March 2010.